Monday, December 22, 2008

don't hide your light

my bff came to school today with brand new sketchers that light up when you stomp your feet. and not just a little bit of light like most five year olds have. no, sketchers (because he only wears sketchers- he is very brand conscious) have outdone themselves with the lights in their '911' pair. blue and red lights flashing all over the shoe. for a typically-developing first grader this would be exciting. for my bff who has high-functioning autism, this is a reason to become completely immersed in your shoes for extended periods of time.

then the lights went out for last hour of the day. my bff immediately met this with horror until he realized that he had lights on his shoes. he could save the day. so the last hour was spent with him stomping his feet and saying, "don't worry! i'll give you my light!"

i love that his classmates are so understanding they don't even blink at these sorts of illogical announcements.

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Anonymous said...

What a vivid picture. You (and your bff) made me smile.