Saturday, December 6, 2008

getting specific

when i entered my afternoon classroom yesterday my bff was sitting in the thinking spot (time-out with encouraged reflection). his teacher explained that she caught him pummelling his fists into his friend in line.

i took him into the hallway with the social story i'd written a few weeks ago about not hurting our friends. the minute we sat down he said, "hey! i love that book! but i didn't put my hands around his neck! i just really hit him a lot"

social story worked- he didn't put his hands around his friend's neck. next time i need to make a much longer list of specific actions he may not do.

we added pummelling fists into a friend to things that will make his friends sad.

"ok!" he said happily and was ready to re-join the group.

i'm clearly still learning how to adjust my logic for high functioning autism.

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