Sunday, November 2, 2008

you want me to put my hand where?

halloween presents a wonderful opportunity in kindergarten for predicting what's inside things you can't see... and then proving it, and getting wonderfully messy in the process. one of my kiddos predicted there would be pumpkin pie inside the pumpkin. poor thing, i think he was a tad disappointed with what he saw.
everyone had the chance to stick their hands in and get gooey. we listed the words they came up to describe the ooze on a chart. the kids who wouldn't touch it amazed me. some of our most hands-on little boys had no desire to stick their hand into a big pumpkin full of guts. the little girls though didn't even wait to roll up their sleeves before sticking their hand into the pile of seeds. what i love about science in the early grades is that you get to watch as they experience the world around them.

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