Thursday, November 20, 2008

salt in the wound

yesterday was just off. as though the cosmos were conspiring against us. i woke up to a microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator that just decided to stop working. the fridge has been threatening this for awhile and yesterday it seemed to make its final decision. (the freezer is still working however. we're perplexed)
somehow i managed to leave the house without my house keys and from that point on bumbled through the rest of the day with the same pattern of behavior from myself. something was just off.

and then, one of my kiddos, who i've worked closely with for two years now, looked at me and said, "mrs lipstick, i don't like your shoes".

ok, i don't like that pair of shoes either. their old and scuffed and kind of look like the shoes the witch of the east was wearing when the house fell on her. but i had my reasons for putting them on yesterday morning, as sad as they were.

"that makes me sad, what's wrong with my shoes?"

"mmmmmm...... you need new ones, like me." and he showed me his shoes from the A store again.

yes! i wanted to cry! i need new shoes! but sadly, now i'm a grown up and have to worry about my refrigerator, and my dishwasher, and my microwave, and how all the food in my fridge is going to go bad and now i'll have to buy all new food, and how the water faucet to turn the outside water off is stuck and we can't turn it and now our pipes will burst and we'll be out tons of money. why, why did we buy a house? why can't we just call our landlord's handyman and ask him to fix it? he was so nice and cheerful and best of all we didn't get the bill. yes, i need new shoes!! but i'm stuck with these old witch-like shoes.

thanks for rubbing salt in the wound.

i'm sure on any other day i wouldn't have been impacted so much by his innocent words. he didn't really mean anything. perhaps he just wanted to show me his A shoes again. still.

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Anonymous said...

Did you check to see if your dishwasher and microwave might be on the same circuit as your fridge? If your fridge is failing, it might have triggered a surge that flipped your breaker.