Friday, November 7, 2008

more fun

we've had some trouble with a little one in one of my first grade classes not coming in on time from recess. when pressed about why she hasn't come in with the class she honestly told her teacher, "i wanted to have more fun" you have to give her credit for honesty. she is about 2 feet tall and the tiniest thing you've ever seen, so when you first meet her you immediately underestimate her. (she is the little one who last week told me "i don't know why you want people to vote for duck for president. you know people are just going to vote for charlie brown") She was also a part of my lunch bunch last year.

yesterday most of the school was out of the building for katie wood ray (hooray!!!) and there were substitutes everywhere. somehow the substitute in this particular first grade class forgot to pick them up from recess. the only reason anyone realized this was that our little friend brought herself in with another class. she's been getting in trouble so much for not coming in with her class that she decided that she'd better go ahead and come in with any class. it never occurred to her that the kids she was walking in with were not in her class. apparently she was really surprised when she realized this.

we joke all the time about how she is smarter than we give her credit for, but that... i don't know. i wonder if she's just using her attitude to cover up the fact she gets confused and forgetful. still, i give her major credit from bringing herself in from recess. the other child in the class who also knew when the recess time was up was, of course, my bff. he kept our clinic aid company until she went crazy and started asking where the class was. i don't think anyone ever figured out where the substitute was. oh well.

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Anonymous said...

We have our recess stragglers, as well. Sometimes I'll just leave them there and say: "I expect you see you in class in a few minutes." But, I definitely appreciate when they honestly tell me that they need another minute or finish!