Wednesday, November 5, 2008


outside of election-madness today was not without incident:

on our walk through the woods on kindergarten fall fun day one of my kiddos became very concerned about bears.

"don't worry!" the kid behind him announced. "if there is a bear the recess queen will get him!"

"yah" another girl chimed in, "he's such a good fighter!"

while i think they are terrified of him most of the time, at least they found something positive about his fighting ability. go classroom community!

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

at the end of the day one of my kiddos had been in the bathroom a LONG time. so i went to see what was wrong and he explained to me in his limited speech that he was waiting for someone to come wipe him.
now how do you write a note home to mom saying, "just a quick note to say r. had a great day today, but hasn't seemed to learn how to wipe himself. can you practice this at home for homework?"

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