Thursday, October 23, 2008

obama, huh?

today during writing workshop share a little one shared her story about how she met the president last night and asked for his autograph.

i don't mean this the wrong way, but how would a little girl who may or may not live with a family who is here legally, end up meeting president bush, and getting an autograph. she had to be confused.

pressing her made us realize she wasn't talking about president bush, but obama. ok, so he was in our state yesterday, and even in the 'socialist' part of our state, where we live, so maybe her mom took her to see him speak.

i was at kmart, she explained. my mom said we needed to go to kmart, and then we saw the president. so i asked him for his autograph. and he said yes.

did you drive far to see him?

nope, it was at the kmart here.

ok, again... i'm not sure the neighborhood where my school is would draw a presidential candidate. especially to just stop in at the local kmart.

her friends waved their hands wildly. "can you bring it tomorrow?"

"sure!" she agreed happily. so at least we'll see who gave her this autograph and determine whether or not it is from the candidate, or from a look-alike, flattered to be approached by a first grader.

when she'd finished sharing with the class i took her aside and asked what he looked like.
"well, kind of like those basketball players- once i saw basketball players on tv. he looked like that. with the same kind of hair."

hmmm... i'll keep you posted on how the autograph turns out. the thing is, she isn't the type of girl to make stuff up (which is very, very common in first grade). she seemed just enough confused on her story that it seemed real, since when first graders usually invent stories they are wildy detailed. even if the details change every 2 seconds, they are always confident in the details. hmmmm... and shaking this little one's hand would be a great photo-op for any candidate. but still...

**i love co-teaching with a fellow blogger, but i never want to step on her fabulous blogging toes. esp. since it was her blog that motivated me to start my own. but this story i couldn't pass up. but perhaps she'll give a better recount**

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