Thursday, October 30, 2008


one of my jump ropers came bounding over to me today full of energy.

"mrs lipstick!" she exclaimed, "are you a citizen?"

for a minute i was confused. no one has ever asked me that before. i look pretty american, but i suppose when some of the adults in your world are citizens and some aren't you might think it's up in the air for all adults. it took me a minute, but i answered.

"ahhhhh, so you can vote!" she squealed. "who are you voting for?"

her friend came up to join in the discussion. "my parents are voting for obama" she explained.
"they're citizens?" my first friend looked indignent. how could her best friends' parents be allowed to vote and not hers?

"mmmhhhh" the friend nodded, "they got their cards a long time ago"

"man, my parents are still waiting on theirs. "

these are not the conversations i had growing up.

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