Friday, October 3, 2008


yesterday was a very long day of parent conferences. i love when our building is full of parents because, while the kids may be americanized, watching their parents reminds us of exactly how wonderfully diverse our school is. the halls are filled with a hundred different accents, some different traditional dress, and different languages (i'm sure if i spoke all these languages i'd be able to hear "toddler, come back here!" being shouted to the babies escaping down our hallway).

talking with parents reminded me why i teach. maybe it was the lack of sleep, or the stress i've been feeling, but my eyes got watery as one mom told us in spanish that her daughter looks up to her cousin, whose in med school. we listened to how hard the parents work, what life was like in their countries, and how much they want their child to succeed.

and there it was. the reminder that even if i go on and get my phd, find a job that gives me the control i'm seeking, i'll be putting myself farther away where having the control matters. there is no where else i'd rather be than teaching these kids and working with these parents.

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