Monday, July 30, 2007

images of the first day of school ~ first 45 minutes

* racing after kiddos piling out of cars, planting stickers on them to tell their teacher how they'll go home. Hoping we actually put the correct mode of transportation on each child.

*explaining to parents who speak many different languages that they cannot park their car in the middle of our parking lot, even if it is their child's first day of kindergarten.

* Walking one of my new charges to the gym where all of the children are waiting to be dismissed to their classes. Listening to him say, "Lots and lots! Lots and lots!" over and over again, I assume in reference to the large amounts of kids and parents crammed into our gym.

*Matching kindergartners with their teachers and classes in the gym, keeping them in line, quiet, and dodging the many cameras out to capture the first day.

*Calming down a little girl who thought she was going to summer school today. "I'm suppose to be in Miss Dodds class" stated over and over again. "I'm ready for my old class"

*Teaching kindergartens not to open the bathroom door if someone else is in there.


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun...a busy and exciting first day back for all ;)

Cheers, Rachel, NZ

Suzanne G. said...

OMG, it's so early for school. That poor little girl who thought it was summer school.

How many students will you have this year? How was the first day as a Special ed teacher?