Wednesday, July 18, 2007

business cards

Why don't teachers get business cards? We have 20+ parents we can hand our cards out to at back to school night, conferences, etc. We meet other educators constantly at professional development classes. We're always looking for pens and slips of paper to jot down our emails so we can get in touch to share ideas and articles.

Wouldn't it give us more professional street credit with those over-educated professional parents who view us as their child's baby sitter? Just handing them our card would say, 'hi, i'm an educated professional fully certified to teach your child. i have studied for years on the best way to educate your child and am also constantly seeking ways to better my performance. i take my job just as seriously as you take yours.'



Allan said...

How do you want your business card to read?

Rachel Boyd said...

I have had this thought in the past.... my problem would be just WHAT do you put on it?!!