Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Congratulations AT Jumpers!

Our incredible jump ropers recently returned from the National Jump rope competition in Florida. Contact me if you want the names that go with the places.

Freestyle competition:
One boy placed 15th and one girl placed 8th!!

One boy placed 6th!!! and one girl placed 20th!

The whole team placed 21st in the speed relay.

I know how hard they worked to get there. It should noted that every other jump rope team is through a jump-rope exclusive gym, not a school, like ours. The parents pay for lessons like you would pay for gymnastics of swimming lessons. The coaches are paid and the kids practice frequently at the gym.

Our coaches are volunteer, our kids do it after school for fun, and they still manage to beat a lot of kids that come from professional gyms. I'm really proud of their dedication!!

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