Sunday, July 22, 2007

the HP experience

I have the best husband in the entire world. He has put up with my harry potter obsession all weekend. Friday night he went with me to Politics and Prose, my favorite bookstore, and waited with me while I discussed the possible plots with the costumed children in the store. He drove me home and then even cooked meals for me on Saturday and Sunday while I sat on our couch reading without moving for hours on end.
We did make it out to a friend's party and he put up with me reading on the metro.
He made coffee this morning and patiently waited for me to finish. He is the best. I have been anti-social the whole weekend. I have forgotten how to have ordinary conversations and reply to questions with, "wait, he's about to die!"
thank you Peter for letting me have this last-book obsession with the rest of the world. There is something fabulous about knowing that while your curled up reading others around the world are too.
Images of HP release:

On our way home from the bookstore we saw the streets of dc lined with orange books being taken home to read. The metro was clogged with readers.

On the way out of the bookstore we passed a father putting his 4 kids into his mini-van. The youngest was curled up in his carseat, asleep in his hogwarts cape. The other 3 had already started reading in the glow of the parking lot's light.

Many tired and costumed parents left the store, leading their book-nosed kids down to cars.

The laughter of kids and adults , counting down at midnight, full of excitment.

How amazing is it that we were all gathered together for a book release. Not a movie, a concert, or a film star sighting, but a chance to get a book in our hands. Those kids are growing up knowing the world's stamp of approval on reading.

Now that I'm finally finished I'm going to rejoin my husband and the real-world.

Happy Reading!

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