Sunday, February 3, 2013

the off limits playground

Being a part of starting a new school has been a fascinating process. Watching a school get built from the ground up- to go from an empty building to a breathing community is almost mesmerizing  It also makes me appreciate all the little ins and outs that go into a well run school.

One of the drawbacks of working in a brand new school is the lack of a playground. Due to a series of unfortunate events our school is still without a playground. Or- correction- without a playground we're allowed to play on.

For awhile there was a massive mound of dirt where our playground was suppose to be. It was finally moved (using very large bulldozers, much to our little boys' excitements). Then the open space sat empty for awhile, dirt-free but playground-less.

They FINALLY broke ground on the playground two weeks ago. It was a cause for celebration. And the playground looks awesome. However, while it is being installed we are forced to body block our students from accessing the playground. It's a bit hard to explain to a student with autism that no, he cannot play on the awesome, brand new, brightly colored playground because, well, it's currently under-construction. The students can SEE the playground. If they can SEE it why can't they PLAY on it? Delayed gratification is something we are learning about, and it is a very, very painful lesson.

The construction workers installing the playground waiver between amusement and horror as they watch us try to keep the kids from crossing the barrier between the blacktop and the playground (the horror comes from when our crafty kids find holes and manage to sneak through to them).

One more week and then we're hoping it will be open and ready to go. We cannot wait.

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