Thursday, February 7, 2013

Digital Books Disapointment

All of my shared-reading digital book plans have been foiled. I had amazing intentions. I was going to buy my favorite read alouds for kindle and then project them onto the smartboard. We were going to giggle and laugh as a class over all the great choral reading we would do as we read books together. In my mind it was practically a Brady-Bunch-family-love type lessons. It was going to be beautiful.
The digital story-less smartboard

My generation 1 ipad, however, refused to project onto the smartboard. My school ipad projects, but not my old ipad. 

OK. No problem. I have a kindle app on my phone.

My iphone refused to project on the smartboard.

Foiled again.

No problem- right? Kindle has a PC app. Why waste all this time with different devices when it's possible to just get it on the computer. 

Turns out the picture books I want won't download on the PC.

I am in digital-storybook-depression. My hopes and dreams feel dashed. My beautiful ideas of reading and cheering together are gone. I've actually considered holding up my ipad and just reading from them, but in reality a picture book is far better than everyone staring at the ipad.

So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for projecting digital books please let me know. And until I get answers, it will be traditional books.


Anonymous said...

Traditional books are perfect.

organized chaos said...

I know anonymous, they are. But the digital ones would mean that I could buy books for my daughter AND my school and share without worrying about torn pages. It would project the book so everyone could read it, and we'd be able to study the text features.
But I do love traditional books.

Emily said...

Have you tried Storia from Scholastic? I can put those books on my school iPad mini and have the same set of books on my computer (which is connected to the projector).

organized chaos said...

Thanks Emily! I will try that :)