Friday, November 2, 2012

Sad Friday Night

Husband:  Are you doing work? It's Friday night!

Me: Ummm....  (nodding head, not taking time to look away from computer to answer).

Husband: You work a lot. I'm beginning to suspect you work more than me. You must be in a really high powered job and get paid a lot of money for the amount of work you do.

*books thrown across room in anger*

Now I'm stressed by the amount of work I have to do AND disgruntled at the reminder that I am working far more than I'm getting paid.


Jenny said...

Maybe I'm lucky that I married a college professor. We work about the same amount and get paid about the same amount. I don't have anything else to compare to. Hmm...

MLNPG said...

I just talked myself out of driving back to school at 8:15 on Friday night to grade book reports. I think it's that Friday night feeling that everyone else is out on a date. Truth is, a lot of teachers are still working, but I hope with a glass of wine in hand :)