Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's inside?

I continue to absolutely love my class. They are amazing and are going to push me to learn so much.

Most of them have already surprised me in so many ways. As many children with intellectual disabilities do, they can appear as though they are not as capable as their general education peers. Yet in only the second day I'm already seeing amazing glimmers of their bright abilities shinning through. I give them activities I think they are going to struggle with and they fly with them independently. Some rarely speak but when prompted in just the right way they are able to share what they know. Now it's my job to figure out exactly the right way to prompt them in order to see what they know and then determine the best way to build onto what they have.

Right now I can barely keep a linear thought- I have so many goals and ideas for each child that by the time I pick up the pen to jot myself a note I've thought of something else and I've lost my original thought. The classroom community is coming though. It might not be pretty yet but we're working our way there. If I can just stay focused on one idea long enough to pull out a coherent lesson plan we'll be good to go...

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