Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh, Lovely Mud!

Of course the day after writing a post titled "Giddy Job Love" is bound to be a reminder of everything that is NOT giddy or love. It's Murphy's Law. I mean, no teacher can write a post like that and then have a day of flowers and sunshine. It's just not possible.

My Friday started with a fire drill. A fire drill in the wet, soggy, almost grass-less field. And since it was Friday I was wearing my fun, red, canvas Friday shoes. Does anyone know what happens to fun, red, canvas Friday shoes when you wear them to stand in mud for ten minutes? The canvas fills with mud and water, sucking it up from the field as though it's trying to independently dry it up. This of course makes the canvas shrink and cling to one's skin.

In the words of Mrs. Wishy Washy's crazy farm animals, "OH lovely mud!"

So perhaps my Friday wasn't really so awful, it was just that teaching all day with wet, cold feet is bound to make anyone grouchy. Perhaps I need to keep my rain boots in school for this exact reason, although I don't think I'd really be permitted to change shoes specifically for a fire drill. The fire marshal might frown on that, although I'd like him to try to keep his patience all day with wet, cold feet?

Monday will be better. Monday I plan on having dry feet. I will be patient and thoughtful and forward thinking. I will use appropriate teacher language. I will reinforce good behavior and redirect unproductive behavior. I will not put my head on my desk and wonder what caused me to write about giddy job love.

*I should add that the one bright side of my Friday was finding the note the sub left me that said, "good plans." In ten years of teaching I have never, ever had a sub tell me I have good plans. The hours I've put into writing subplans- detailing every part of my class' day for ten years- and nothing. It's funny how two words could make me so illogically pleased. And of course after getting such praise my first thought is, "Oh yeah, next time I'll make them even better." It's amazing how inspirational a bit of praise can be.

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