Thursday, September 27, 2012

Giddy job love

I. love. my. job.

I took the day off for my daughter's one year doctor's appointment. I ended up taking a full day off after realizing that going in for the morning would be confusing for the class and that it would just be easier for them to have a substitute for the whole day.

All week we've talked about how I'll be out. We made our "Guest Teacher Handbook" where we list the important information a substitute might need to know- like how we line up, what we do for snack, our favorite times of day (quiet time when we get to read books) and where we go for the fire drill. We marked the calendar with a sticky note to know when I'd be out. There was lots of reassuring to everyone that it was still going to be a great day even if I wasn't there.

There was also a bit of horror that I was taking my daughter to get shots.

"You know she's going to cry," one of my older students said in an accusatory tone. "If you give her shots she's going to cry."
"Is her mom driving her?" another asked.
"I am the mom" I replied.
"NO, you're a TEACHER. Is her mom driving her?"
"Why would you take her to the doctors and not stay with us? Why do you want her to get shots?!?"

This went on all day.

When I got home last night I realized I was going to miss them. Like, a lot. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving cuddling (ok, it is no longer cuddling, it is following her around trying to keep her from getting hurt and/or making a massive mess in our house) with baby Lipstick, but I love my job.

Last night I found myself frustrated that I wouldn't be there to carry out some of the routines we'd put in place this week. I had an idea for how to make one of my friends enjoy read alouds more that I can't wait to put in place. We've made so much progress in reading with one of my kiddos- I can't wait for the next time we have our reading group.

I come home almost giddy- tired, but giddy. The kids are awesome. I love the work. I find myself wondering why anyone teaches anything but this population. It is so much fun.

Don't get me wrong, I am exhausted and overwhelmed and always feel like there are at least 10 different things I could do better every day (at least), but despite all that- I love it. I kind of wonder if Mr. Lipstick is slipping something into my coffee every morning that's making me so happy.

So for right now I'm going to embrace the awesomeness of my kids, the job and my coworkers. I'm going to celebrate all the fun we have, our tiny baby step successes that we're making every day. I'm going to keep reflecting on what I can do better and try to stop worrying about everything that COULD go wrong. IEPs and paperwork and stress will come down the pike soon enough, but for right now life is good.

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