Thursday, May 24, 2012


Oh my goodness I am TIRED. I don't think I even realized how tired I was until just now. I asked someone from our county to come in and help me work with one of my students. I wanted to make sure that I'm doing all I can for him.
She had amazing suggestions. Awesome, excellent, and realistic.


We have 4 weeks left of school. We are in the midst of testing and assessing, of wrapping up IEPs and paperwork, of getting paperwork ready for transfer students and summer school. Of dotting i's and crossing t's that might not have been seen before. Of trying to keep everyone else together.

That's not an excuse for not starting her ideas. I just honestly do not know how I will have the time to put them in place, let alone the energy to introduce and enforce them.

I hate that I've hit this place where I feel tired, frustrated, and, sadly, burnt out. I need a re-start button where we can just get one fresh, clean, energetic start.

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jered said...

I always feel like this will be the "hey I can try anything" time of year. But I'm so exhausted by now that it almost doesn't matter. I can't.