Friday, May 4, 2012

Environmental Print

Like most schools we do a lot of testing these days. Even when it is not official testing season we are always testing something or other. We frequently put signs up letting people know that we are testing and we spend a lot of time telling the kids what the testing signs mean- be quiet, do not enter the door, stay away.
Since my daughter is still under a year I need to have a private place during the school day to get her meals. So I'm locked in the art supply closet three times a day. The sign I put on the door? Not "Keep Out" or "Do Not Enter".  Someone might overlook those. What will everyone pay attention to?
"Testing" The one thing that everyone respects and follows.
The other day it fell off the door and ended up on a nearby water fountain. Apparently children saw the sign and assumed it meant they had to stay away from the water fountain. Whether or not they assumed the water fountain was being tested or that they just assumed that "Testing" means "Keep Away" it doesn't matter. It shows the power of environmental print and what is currently always recognized at our schools.

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magpie said...

♦ Excellent thinkers ♦
I suppose the sign has the same function at home too ♥ ha ha.