Wednesday, May 30, 2012

looking for love

Today was one of those days that is reserved for torturing special education teachers. The type of day where I didn't get to work with kids but spent a lot of time in tedious meetings working on paperwork. Many times I can reconcile the paperwork and the meetings with the fact that in the long run it truly supports what is best for kids, but...  not today.

Despite the utter grossness of today there were moments that made me remember why I teach. And as I sit here sipping my beer I desperately need to remember what each and every moment was.

1. My whole class rocking it to the 'We've Got a Whole Pizza!' song, flashing their pizza halves as they sang about their pizza, the fraction. (Thanks Splatypus!)

2. One of my little friends very clearly explaining to his table-mate why two halves were equal even though I wasn't sure he'd paid attention to the lesson.

3. My friends lighting up when I came into the room after my meeting and asking how it had gone.

4. A friend using a calm voice to ask a friend to leave her alone (progress!!)

5. Magical's smile

6. Magical and his friend holding hands in the hallway because, "They are best friends" as they emphatically explained to me.

7. Rock Star rocking out to the new CD I bought the classroom and using long phrases to tell her friends that we have a new CD.

8. One little girl helping her "baby" (a stuffed Curious George) cut squares and circles in half. Her caring language showed so much empathy and understanding of others.

9. Watching one of my friends who usually chooses to play alone decide to go to a center that he'd rather not go to because he'd rather play with his friends than by himself.  (Amazing progress!!)

10.  When Magical explained that the special ingredient in his play food sandwich he brought me was water and then proceeded to explain the merits of water bread.

I do love my job. I absolutely adore these kids. Now if I could just find time to work with them!

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