Saturday, April 21, 2012

Welcome to my room

Please bear with me- I am writing on my ipad while Baby Lipstick is napping and am having some trouble making the pictures and the text match (something my students struggle with daily...) Blogger hasn't developed a good ipad ap yet (that I know of- if you know differently please tell me your secrets!) and I'm trying to blog, get laundry done, put away the dishes and do all those other household chores while my nap-hating baby takes one of her cat naps. So my pictures and my writing may be in two different posts until I have time to make it all work together. Which may be never, but that is ok. I have the most amazing room this year. Every morning when I walk in the door I silently thank my administrators for assigning me such a perfect space for my classroom. Then I silently thank them again when one of my kids is having a massive melt down on one side of the room and the other children are still able to happily work away at their seats. I silently thank them again when the occupational therapist does an amazing singing lesson with the kids she works with and I am still able to get in guided reading with my reading group and no one is distracted. I silently thank them again when one of my students is being transitioned from his wheel chair to his stander, matt, or specialized chair because it allows him to have privacy for the difficult transitions without the whole class staring at him in curiousity. The space of my room is 100% ideal. My students are barely bothered when I have student in the bathroom with the door open as we coach him through changing his own diaper. The room is that large. It is amazing. Special Education HEAVEN. I have enough tables to spread everyone out at different working locations so they can work without distracting each other, but big enough tables so that we can all sit together for other activities and work on our social skills. I have two carpets for two meeting areas if needed.Please know that when I snapped these pictures I did nothing to straighten up the room- it is in its state of organized chaos- posters falling off the walls, baskets askew from being used and put back by five year olds- not perfection but a reflection of our daily lives. I'm going to try to walk through the parts of the room if I can get the pictures/words to show up on the same post... If not, I'll post pictures now and then add descriptions later. I am also not checking for spelling/grammar/typos at the moment- please forgive that too.

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timstahmer said...

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