Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easiest center ever

One of my co-workers had given me a cute center that required the kids to put a clothes pin over the correct answer out of three choices on an index card. I immedietely put it to use, but unfortunately my kiddos do not have the fine motor skills yet to open up the clothes pin and attach it to the correct number. I ended up with a lot of frustrated little ones.

Instead I used wik-sticks. I made a bunch of circles out of wiki-sticks and took large index cards. I put stickers on the cards or for Brown Bear I glued down pictures of angry birds. The kids can independently count how many stickers/pictures are on the card and put the wiki-sticks over the correct answer. You could use this for anything- one picture and 2 or 3 choices of the initial sound, 2 or 3 pictures with a rhyming word, etc. Super easy and super independent.

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