Sunday, February 12, 2012

Power of the music

Brown Bear was in the midst of throwing a tantrum over having to clean up his play dough. His lower lip was in full quiver and he had started loud moans of protest. We knew we were in for trouble.
In times of strife and struggle what is there to do other than frantically throw on Dr Jean's 'Who Let the Letters Out' song and let the rhythm speak for itself?
(who let the As out /a/, /a/, /a/?)
By the letter B Brown Bear's wails of protest had turned into whimpers. By d he had run into the house keeper center, desperate to fight the music taking a hold over his body. Unable to hold off any longer he yelped with excitement as we got to F and by J he was in the rug with us bouncing around to the letter sounds, tantrum long forgotten. In the grand scheme of the world music trumps anger.

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magpie said...

Never seen Dr Jean and whoa a whole world of learning there! No wonder it finally tickled Brown Bear ☺☺☺