Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Angry birds

Brown Bear's latest obsession is Angry Birds. He is amazingly good at the game but recently his obsession lays not with the game but with the stuffed version. The first day he came to school with Angry Bird we looked at each other wearily. What would this toy do to disrupt his learning? Fully prepared to have to take it away from him at some point we braced ourselves for the worst but decided not to fight that battle until we had to. Yet within twenty minutes Angry Bird was my new best friend. Anything we wanted Brown Bear to do we just asked Angry Bird to do. If Brown Bear was ignoring us all we had to say was "Angry Bird, sit on the rug" and Brown Bear and Angry Bird would both sit on the rug. Angry Bird pointed to the words in his book with his beak, he did all of his math sheets and waited for Brown Bear when he went to the bathroom. Brown Bear even talks to Angry Bird during transitions, telling Angry Bird where to go and what to do. Somehow taking care of Angry Bird makes the transition smoother for Brown Bear. It is almost as if he can't self talk independently to get himself ready, but he can self talk when he has something to direct his thoughts to.
There have been times that even Angry Bird hasn't come through and Brown Bear still has a rough day, but most of the time Angry Bird is an essential part of our class. We traced his shadow for ground hogs day and gave him his own 100 year old portrait.

I've never even played the game yet I love that stinking disgruntled bird.

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magpie said...

I'm with you about not playing the game but I didn't know about an angry bird cuddly! I would've loved to see your weary eye stand-off when it flew in ☺☺☺