Saturday, February 25, 2012


My 5 1/2 month old baby isn't rolling over yet. She's babbling away, will roll from tummy to back but shows no interest in rolling from back to tummy. I've found myself questioning my patenting because of this one mile stone.
"what am I doing wrong?"
"what more can I do to encourage her?"
"what am I doing that is inhibiting her?"

Then I suddenly realize just how crazy these thoughts are. She'll roll when she's ready. I'm so embedded in the current teaching culture of blame that I can't even consider that there is another being involved here. I'm so use to considering students' success and failure as hinging on my actions that I'm transferring that to my baby.
Sure if I hold her all the time she won't have a chance to roll, but that's not happening. It's not the end of the world. She'll roll when she's ready.

The blame I was automatically placing on myself shocked me into realizing just how far the teaching culture has gotten into my world view. Have I stopped seeing the developmental needs of children and only see how adults' actions impact growth? Who have I become?


Clix said...

No... I know I've heard similar concerns from parents who AREN'T teachers. A little worry is both normal and healthy :)

Teacher Tales said...

Good point....I hadn't ever thought of it like that. I am guilty of that myself....placing the blame on myself for everything they aren't doing or learning, without taking into account the whole picture.... This is something that will make me think more outside the box. Good thoughts. Thanks for sharing! And, I did get your email...I just haven't had time to respond. :) I do like the clipboard idea. I'll try to write back this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there are lots of cultures where blame is an issue -- I know my mother (social worker) would say "where I did I go wrong" when I didn't clean the bathroom to her satisfaction. I certainly question where I (recovering lawyer) have gone wrong when my kids exhibit certain behaviors. Maybe Mom and I should have been teachers or maybe it is just part of being a mom.

magpie said...

Blame? Fiddlesticks!
At least you know the important part isto get in their shoes. I can't believe it's already 5 months

Anonymous said...

Don't fret. Just keep an eye on her or when you are lulled into complacency, she'll roll right off your bed or couch and then you'll REALLY blame yourself!