Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The school year has come to the point where while we are all still teaching our lovely hearts out we are also very focused on everything we need to do in the next week before we can start summer break. My to-do list is filled with end of year paperwork. Most of my co-teachers to-do lists are filled with packing. Packing up the books, crayon holders, math supplies, computers, reading book, files, games, posters, calendar, etc. Anything that we've used to do our job in the past year must be put into a box for storage over the summer. Is there any other profession that is required to pack up every pen, pencil, and important job-related tool every 9 months only to unpack it again a month or two later?
We're at the point in the year when we all want boxes. We don't just want boxes- we NEED boxes. Boxes are what can keep us from starting summer break when we want to. We can't leave until we're packed and we can't pack until we have...  boxes.  It's every man for himself at this point- sharing a box with a neighbor just puts you an hour off of leaving. Or a day later if you don't get a box to pack in until after the kids leave. It's not a pretty scene.
As we were walking the kids to lunch I noticed a man grunting over the water fountain as he tried to fix it. He was clearly frustrated and hard at work, but beside him as a large, beautiful box. Inside it was another water fountain, but that could be taken out, couldn't it? How important is it to him to have a box to carry his water fountain back to his truck?  I mean, he could probably carry it all by himself if he just gave me the box.
He didn't see it that way.
The kids stared at me oddly, wondering why my voice had gone so pleading and desperate when only moments before I'd been in full teacher-mode.
I am still boxless.  Boxless and apparently shameless. 


Mary said...

Liquor stores are the best places to beg for boxes. We got tons for free when we moved. Good luck!

Angela Watson said...

You are only shameless when you use boxes that a LIQUOR STORE has discarded. I may or may not be speaking from experience. And I may or may not have covered them with newspaper so you couldn't read what the boxes said.

Angela Watson said...

Hah, Mary, you and I must have been posting at the same time! LOL!

Liquor boxes at home=cool. Liquor boxes in a school=lots of 'splaining to do for young readers. ;-)

Jan said...

I invested in some large plastic bins (some big enough to put a child in) so I wouldn't need so many boxes at the end of the year. Luckily I have a basement to store them in during the school year.