Thursday, June 30, 2011

insights into cultural expectations of schools

Joanne Jacob's blogged yesterday about how high school students in New York City view their teachers and the teaching profession.She quotes Hilary Lustick's description of one student who would make a promising teacher:

"Because she doesn’t see strong teacher role models like herself, Alissa dismisses the entire profession as one unworthy of respect, one undeserving of her intelligence and effort."

The blog post as well as that quote itself gives me insight into the parents I worked with last year (see previous post) and their views on our school. It's a lot to think about- how does that perspective on teachers and the profession impact how these students will interact with schools when they are parents?  How will they view efforts of teachers and school officials who truly want to improve the schools?

I think it is the background behind what I was addressing yesterday- the cultural divide between what is encouraged and promoted in suburban schools vs urban schools.

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