Monday, November 2, 2009

i thought i worked with kids...

For the last 5 years I've had a book club on Friday mornings for my former students. Some years we've read chapter books, other years we've done author studies, read great children's books, written and illustrated stories together, or simply used the time to chat about books. Nothing is more divine that spending a few moments with my former students, listening to them chat about how their lives are going, what they're learning, and how they're doing in school. It's such a great reminder of how much children grow and change- eventually they do learn to stop picking their noses. Or at least, they learn to not do it in public.

It's also good for them. I'm a firm believer in the fact that children are the most successful in school if they feel the school is invested in them. This happens when adults in the building, not just their current teachers, but other adults, greet them by name, ask them how they are doing, and take genuine interest in who they are. So my book club lets my former students have a chance to catch up. They may no longer need me- they may feel confident on their own, but if they feel like hanging out with their former teacher, if they need a reminder that they are important, they can come hang out on Friday mornings.

Except that this year we've met 3 times.

3 times.

We're suppose to be reading Because of Winn Dixie. But the book is sitting behind my desk with the bookmark in the same place week after week.


Meetings, meeting, meetings keep getting scheduled during my book club slot.

But it's not just Friday mornings. My calendar is full of meetings. Meetings that give me more paperwork to do when I'm not in the meetings. If my desk wasn't in a kindergarten classroom I'm not sure I'd know I worked with kids.

I miss them. I miss the runny noses. I miss the untied shoes. I miss read alouds. Teaching lessons. Listening to beginning readers. Singing silly songs. I'm ready to work with children again.

Tomorrow is a teacher workday. Maybe, if I get all of my paperwork done, maybe I can teach the children on Wednesday. Fingers crossed.


Kirchy said...

Urg! I'm there with you. We didn't make AYP this year and now we have so many we can't plan for instruction. Makes you wonder who is focusing on the forest while missing all of the little buds in each tree, doesn't it?

Sneaker Teacher said...

I love your idea to have a book club with former students! What a great way to check in with them and keep a connection going! Don't let the meetings and such discourage you from your awesome intentions.


PS How did the application process go for you? Did you do it?