Wednesday, November 4, 2009

reading love

I just started teaching in a before-school reading remediation program for third graders. (I did the same thing last year but in math)

On the first day I gave the children a reading survey to fill out so I can see where their attitudes are toward reading. I'm use to working with first graders who, for the most part, love reading even if it is a struggle. I was nervous that working with third graders- kids who have been struggling for 3-4 years now, would prove to be more challenging because of their attitudes.

The first question I asked was, "When I hear the words independent reading I think..."

These are some of their responses:

Yes! because I get to be interested.

I think Yes

I think happy because at Independent you get to read your own book!

Yes because I to get to my book.

Yes! I was waiting to read.

It was great to see that even though they are struggling in reading and may be far behind their peers, they still have a love of reading. They understand why we read- they enjoy reading. Those attitudes will make my job far easier (and a lot more fun!)

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