Sunday, November 1, 2009

celebrity meeting

When I first heard that the science goddess was coming to our area I could barely believe it.

And she wanted to have brunch. With us.

Would she really come out of my computer and appear as a real-live person? Her well written, thoughtful posts have kept me going for years now. To meet the real-live goddess? How can it be? What would I wear? Where would we go? Would I manage to sound intelligent, or just stumble over words while talking about myself too much? (pretty sure I did some stumbling, but, what can you do?)

Jenny, the goddess and I had a delightful brunch. I returned on such a high. When I first discovered that teacher-bloggers existed I was inspired to know there were so many thoughtful educators all over the country I could draw strength from.

But to sit on a rainy Sunday morning discussing the field of education with two of my favorite bloggers?


Thank you both!

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The Science Goddess said...

What a sweet post! Thank you for sharing your Sunday with me. You and Jen were delightful hostesses. I appreciate you not cringing in horror at the huge zit that appeared on my cheek this morning. :)

Be well and happy. Enjoy those little ones at school this week. I'm jealous!

We'll have to get together again soon.