Tuesday, July 28, 2009

you may be surprised to know, although i teach k, i'm not actually 5.

there is nothing quite like sitting in at a training and having the leader say, "now, show me that you were using your listening ears" and then- when they are met with silence continue, "who wants to show me they were a good listener when their friend was talking?"

when you ask how to fix education- it is right here.

stop talking to teachers like we're idiots- start treating us like we are the smart, intelligent professionals that we are.

but i'm just tired and grouchy without my summer 1 o'clock nap. ignore me.


Snippety Gibbet said...

Geez. Can you imagine a speaker addressing corporate folks that way?

Clairvoy said...

You are not just in a bad mood. This is pervasive in education.

This is truly one of the easiest things to fix and the stupidest insults we have to put up with.

It's like Presenting Professional Development
-nutritionists as though they have an eating disorder
-pediatric oncologists as though they were child cancer victims

Sure, as an illustrative method, explicitly and discretely delivered it can be useful, but as an entire approach it's just an insult.

carey said...

oh, good lord. i went to a similar training a few months ago. it was pretty miserable.

Unknown said...

I also can't stand when they treat us like this; I don't get it! I once had a speaker say "If you can hear me clap once." Are you kidding?