Monday, July 27, 2009

exhaustion already?

There is nothing quite as overwhelming and yet exciting like the first days back at school. Entering the newly cleaned classrooms stacked with furniture and boxes towering over us. The possibilities of change are endless- nervous energy and many cups of coffee guiding our arranging and rearranging of the furniture. The constant questions floating through our heads as we try to guess what our class will be like- what will motivate these little ones- where is the best place for the classroom library to make them want to dive into books? Where can we put our furniture to eliminate all little hiding places for those little ones who will be drawn to adult-free zones? Where can we set up tables to give quiet work space to the little ones who need extra space- and where can we create open space for group work?

And how are we suppose to move all these desks, tables, filing cabinets, book shelves & carts AND get everything in order for a brand new batch of kiddos?

I'm exhausted already and it's only Monday!
On the last day of school, in a moment of desperation we asked our wild and wound up kinders to color our boxes. Ok, it was more like "we are really going to need this box colored. yeah, this is super important. and oh yes, now we need you to put stickers on all these boxes."
It kept them busy for the two hours we had them, and it meant we were greeted by these colorful boxes today. There was something comforting about coming back to a wall of last years' art work.

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