Monday, July 20, 2009

one week left...

There is so much to fill in my one week of summer vacation... books to read, movies to watch, hours by the pool, friends to see, art projects to finish- along with all those pesky tasks that add up during the year that you think, "I'll just do that during the summer when I don't have anything else to do". One week to get it all complete.

Last Thursday the idea of having to go back to work on the 27th filled me with a certain dread. I needed at least another week of having my breakfast on my porch in the morning, another week of sitting by the pool, another week of the slow, quiet life of summer break. Yet on Friday something seemed to snap. By the time Mr. Lipstick got home Friday afternoon ready for a relaxing weekend I was wound up like a six year old before Christmas. It was then I realized it may be about time to go back to work.

Then my horoscope (I don't usually put stock in them, unless they are amusing) yesterday basically told me that I'm not good at having no responsibilities and that I'll be a happier person when I get those responsibilities back.

Even my horoscope thinks it's time to go back to work.

Don't get me wrong- I fully plan on enjoying this last week of summer. My to-do list includes many lazy, all-about-me projects that will let me fully appreciate the lack of responsibilities this week offers. But I have to admit my students are slowly slipping into my thoughts at the pool- ideas for starting the year, communicating with parents, teaching reading- are all running through my head when I least expect it. I think I'm starting to be ready.

Sunday night, I'm sure, I will be singing a different tune.

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Sarah said...

I'm not there yet... but I hope that when the time comes I'm as inspired and excited about teaching again as you are :)