Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Loving

Dear Summer 2009,
Well, it's been a great 5 weeks, yet the time has come for us to part.

We had a rough start, you and I, with all that studying I had to do the first week. I tried my best to study by the pool, or study as I walked around the neighborhood, but let's not pretend that was the stuff memories were made of. But we did it- got the studying over with, took comps, and then jumped on a plane to Colorado.

That's really where we began our brief love affair. You took me on so many hikes in Colorado, and despite the sunburn (hiking in the Blue Ridge is usually shaded- never thought to coat myself in sunblock until the burn had set in), it was a glorious week- the perfect combination of friends, lazy pool mornings, and active hiking. I was even able to waste away an afternoon in one of my favorite independent bookstores in Aspen (because everyone should have favorite independent bookstores across the country).

Then I was back home, but with three glorious weeks of nothingness. Unlike Summer 2008, you were not filled with three graduate courses. You and I did not have to huddle over the computer writing papers, pretending we were relaxing because we were on the porch. No, you and I re-read Harry Potter (Year 6 and Year 7). You and I read books for fun, read books for school, had many lunches & pool dates with friends, and went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter (where you reminded me, so gracefully, that I am too old to stay up that late and still enjoy a movie).

I learned from Summer 2007 and Summer 2008 that Summer To-Do lists can overtake you and drag you down. Summer 2009, I did not do that with you. My list primarily focused on becoming more cat-like. Naps in the sun, lazy mornings interrupted by bouts of energetic play. You introduced me to The Wire Season 4 and Wii Active. You gave me bits of time to organize my office, clean some of those areas in the house I normally never get to, and go through grad school papers. But even more time was spent on nourishing my laziness.

Summer 2009- with your relaxed schedule I learned to keep score in baseball, kayaked in the Potomac, played numerous softball games on the National Mall, hiked Aspen Mountain, played with my sewing machine, planted new flowers on the porch and kept them alive (at least for a little while).

And now it's time for us to part. It's been a beautiful 5 weeks, really. I will never forget your gentle mornings- although it was just cruel to have the road crew start working at 8am last Thursday and Friday- but perhaps you were only trying to get me ready for the coming week.

I will not dwell on the fact that you and I did not really do anything productive. The big goal you and I had was to have the upstairs bathroom remodelled. On this last day together, you and I sit with multiple estimates, but are no closer to having a bathtub that does not flood the kitchen. So you and I were lazy, but perhaps that was ok.

Here's to the beautiful, lazy days we shared together, Summer 2009. I am sure the rest you gave me will get me through the chaotic start of school with the new kindergarteners.

At least, I hope so.

Mrs. Lipstick

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