Friday, May 22, 2009

spring recess

I took my bff outside to retell the story of the little red hen using sidewalk chalk. Soon after we'd started his class came out to play since the school was finally released from being held hostage by the state testing. (We don't go out to recess during testing because the sounds from the playground would be too distracting to the test takers). After being pent up all day I thought his friends would just sprint past us- instead they stopped, checked out what we were doing, took the chalk from us, and continued retelling our story. (Which was perfect because my bff had totally lost interest). A little less than half the class worked together to write the story of the Little Red Hen using sidewalk chalk. I was shocked at their excitment of retelling via this new medium. I loved how one girl decided to add extra characters to help narrate the story, and how they worked together with so little adult prompts "Hey! I'll do this- why don't you write the words!" And I loved watching them work together to spell the harder words.

Yesterday we went back outside and 3 little girls wanted to continue the story so I stayed with them and the chalk. They added a twist (the Little Red Hen makes a wish on a shooting star that her friends will help her). Again I loved listening to their excitment and their collaboration as they decided what would come next. We didn't finish but I thought I'd give them the camera in the end and let them record themselves reading it. It got a little goofy but I think they had fun.

Who knew that giving them sidewalk chalk & a bit of guided "let's write about the little red hen!" during outdoor recess would actually result in their doing work during recess...

*** Mmm... having trouble uploading the video the kids took... hopefully I'll get it up in a moment. It's much more fun than the silent one above****

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Sarah said...

What a fantastic extension activity and a wonderful excuse to get the kiddos outside!