Thursday, May 21, 2009

head banging observations from the week

- State testing + county testing + kindergarten field trip + beautiful weather with children not allowed out at recess = one grumpy Mrs. Lipstick

-Nothing is worse than watching a child take a state test and hearing him say, "Hey! I know this, you taught me this!" and then watching him mark the wrong answer

-Except hearing a child look at his ruler after the test and say, "Wonder why we had this ruler? We didn't even need it on the test!" when, well, they did.

-The county-wide reading assessment requires us to ask the question, "What kind of books do you like?" and "Why did you like that part?". Anytime my bff is asked about what he likes he replies in song, "I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it".

-Even if a company sends red ants in a vile intended to be dropped in an ant farm, it does not guarantee that the top will not come off the vile full of biting ants in the mail so that when you open it you find a fed-ex envelope full of ants. However, if this happens, a whole lot of Off will kill the whole bunch. Then you just need to borrow another teacher's ant farm. (God bless my awesome co-teacher for having to deal with that one alone!)

-I have a problem when someone at church asked to meet at night on the last day of school and I replied, "Oh, I wont be busy, but I plan to have had lots of margaritas by then". Now I'm a bad teacher AND a bad Presbyterian.

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Anonymous said...

As a general rule, I don't say anything about alcohol unless I'm asked a direct question. Ever. Even then, I keep it to, "I'll have a glass of wine occasionally."

If asked a direct question about drugs, I say, "no." I'll talk about the history of drug use from time to time, but basically I leave it out of the conversation.