Thursday, November 29, 2007


today was one of those days that left me feeling powerless. no knowledge, preparation, or intellect could have helped today. yet you still are left feeling so lost. On days when you make a mistake you get upset, but know how you can fix it, promising yourself that you'll do better next time.

Not today.


Blink said...
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Blink said...

I have empathy for your sense of "What the heck makes me think I can do this work?" I'm not sure what happened, but maybe this bad moment stuck out because you usually have such a positive experience in your think tank environment. I had a day a few weeks ago with third graders that left me feeling lost, ineffective, frustrated, and powerless. It was the first time it had happened to me in a very long time and I did not know what to do. I began to have thoughts of becoming an event planner. No little kids, no lesson plans, no frustration. I went home without a resolution. The next day, still harboring a bit of confusion, I began teaching. I expected nothing. I'm not sure how it happened but, I had the best day of teaching I could remember in weeks! Karma?