Monday, April 21, 2014

Frozen love

I'm a bit late to the Frozen party. OK way late, but I hadn't really paid too much attention to all the hype. Since I just now have a toddler old enough to partake in movies it's been years since I've even paid attention to movie prevuew. I kind if figure if it is big the kids will tell me about it in school.
So the other day I broke down as the perfect-what's a tv mommy?-parent and decided that the answer to having two kids while on maternity leave is to break your own rules.
"Want to watch a movie?" I asked my two year old.
"What's a movie?" She asked. 
We settled ourselves in front of the tv, the three of us cuddled together as rain pounded outside. The toddler and I shared a bowl of popcorn and sipped hot chocolate while I ordered Frozen from On Demand. (I may have been desperate...)

I LOVE this movie. I love it so much that I want to go by it and have Little Lipstick watch it once a week. It's about sisters. Who love each other.
For a two year old who is trying to comprehend why this red, screaming baby has invaded her life it is perfect. This is why your life sucks now, I want to say, because one day she won't be a screaming baby anymore. She'll be your sister and you'll love her. The movie erased all my mommy guilt about bringing this creature into my daughter's life. I'm giving her a huge gift, not just ignoring her to feed my new love.

Behind my own personal reasons I love the movie because the true sisterly love at the end is tangible for kids. They get it. They have sisters and brothers they love. They might not always have rosy relationships but they can understand sibling love. It's what they experience instead of that far off princess and prince happily ever after love they only learn about in movies. Sure Frozen has some if that, but the bigger message is about siblings. 
We need more of that- princesses love their sisters. When the love story falls apart your sister is still there for you.

And that snowman was cute too.

Sisters. Even when one is screaming her head off.

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mail4rosey said...

I love that the 'true love' scene ends up being sisters too. That's a great kids' movie.