Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Best Parenting Book Yet

The day I left for maternity leave the third graders I work with gave me the best parenting advice book I've ever received. Each third grader filled out a page themselves, predicting the baby's birth date, weight, (which reflected some CRAZY understanding of weight...  I was not carrying a 30 pound baby in case any third graders are wondering...), a list of suggested names and then parenting advice for me and Mr. Lipstick as well as big sister advice for Little Lipstick, and one hope for the baby.

Best. Advice. Ever.

 "When your baby cry's a long time it means they are really hungry and wants milk, or needs to be changed."
Big sister advice: "When you carry her in your lap remember to hold her neck on both sides so when she grows up her neck will be normal."
 I need to know more. There is a story there about a parenting warning, an infant's neck, and a big sister.

Advice to us: "Feed stuff healthy"  Yes, yes, we will try.
Big sister advice: "Learn how to change her diaper".  Yes, please. 

Advice to us: "Make sure she does not put her hands in a power socket".  Excellent advice. 

 You know many of these have to come with a back story. "Hide your expensive stuff" either comes from a parent's warning or a very disappointing moment as an older sibling. These third graders have been around the block. They know what it's like to be the older one. I just wish I was there when they'd written these so I could dig deeper into what exactly happened in their lives to make them feel that this is the most important advice they need to give my daughter.

When she cries she needs food or a diaper change, feed her healthy food, no hands in the electric socket. I think they covered all the parenting basics.

This kid knows babies. 

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Alex T. Valencic said...

I LOVE this idea! If I had seen it early enough, I would have suggested it for my colleague who just returned from maternity leave. Some day, God willing, my wife and I will have a baby and I would love to do this with my fourth graders. Such a wonderful concept!