Monday, April 8, 2013

Proud of Our Profession: NPR gives a window into Harper High School

In looking for something to occupy me on a long car trip while Mr. Lipstick did grad work and baby Lipstick slept I stumbled upon NPR's podcasts on Harper High. I soon became so pulled into the podcast that I found myself giving my poor husband and daughter dirty looks if they talked or tried to interrupt me.

The two hour long episodes are like something out of The Wire, except that its not HBO, it's real. Real kids, real school, real neighborhoods. Yet it's hard to wrap your head around the reality of it all.

What struck me immediately was the dedication of the teachers and school staff. It was another moment where I was fiercely proud of my profession. The work the school staff does, the lengths they go to in order to keep their students alive is incredible.


Not test scores, not finding good colleges, not acing SATs (although I'm sure they do that too), but alive.

One social worker at the school breaks down in tears by the lack of control- knowing there would be violence yet being helpless to stop it.

The two episodes paint a realistic and in depth picture of the lengths school staff goes to for the students and community, while also showing the pain and connections they have with the students.

Listening made me proud to say I am a teacher, proud to be a part of a profession filled with such dedicated people.

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