Thursday, January 26, 2012

teacher pride

On the way home from school yesterday I heard this story on NPR- about a Broadway play staring Cynthia Nixon. What I've kept thinking about though, is that it is written by a teacher. Not a former teacher- or a teacher soon to be retiring because she's found a better way to make money- a teacher. A current teacher. A teacher so happy and proud of her job that she continues to teach. For whatever reason you don't hear of that very much. We hear a lot about former teachers who go on to do great things, but it seems rare that someone stays in the classroom by choice, because they love it, even as they do great things. It made me proud to teach knowing that someone out there was choosing teaching along with their other dreams.

The article says:
Teaching has been Edson's vocation for well over a decade now. She found out she won the Pulitzer Prize for Wit while she was teaching kindergarten. She now teaches social studies to sixth-graders, even as her show has been previewing on Broadway.

"Teaching is me, teaching is alive," Edson says. "I'm on my feet all day; I'm with my people all day. I'm not separate from anyone, and I'm in the mix. I'm out there doing my job, every day."


Christi said...

Great story, thanks for sharing it! I hadn't heard.

I tagged you on my blog today as I blogger I've been admiring for a while now. =)


magpie said...

I wonder if she has a bald head too? ☺☺☺