Wednesday, January 18, 2012

third grade conversation

The Story Teller and his brother Brown Bear are currently homeless. They've been in and out of temporary housing since this summer and their parents are frantically looking for a new place to live. It's been heartbreaking to a third grader rely all of this information to me.

This morning the Story Teller came up to me with his large story-teller eyes.  "Mrs. Lipstick," he asked, "Do you know D?"

Of course I know D- The Story Teller and D have been together since their second year in kindergarten. I taught both of them for 3 years straight.

"Yes, I know D" I replied.

"Yeah, he said he's going to give me the number."
"A number for what?" I asked, figuring that D was just going to give the Story Teller his home number so they could have a play date.

"For a house. So I can call the man. And find a house to live in."

I was silent for a moment. How do you respond when you hear that two third graders have been chatting about their housing situation and that one third grader is planning on getting a number to help another third grader find housing?  Shouldn't they be talking about Godzilla and robots and playing soccer?

I love the empathy and love they show each other after being in the same class for 4 years. I just wish they didn't have to.

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fwteacher said...

But Wow! What amazing skills they are learning for how to get through this very difficult life and make it a sweet journey! Good work!