Sunday, January 2, 2011

summer internships...???

I promised myself that I'd spend my winter break filling out applications for summer internships. Swore up and down. Wrote it on every to-do list and calendar I own. I task-analyzed it and broke it into tiny little tasks so I'd have more to check off my list.

And yet, nothing was completed.

Even to-do items like "research internships" can't be crossed off because I haven't really finished my search. My resume is still half put together, and my cover letter makes me sound like the dullest person still breathing. Ack!  The summer will come and I will be 100% without an internship all because of my laziness this winter. I will be forced to sit by the pool reading trashy romance novels, sipping lemonade while others are slaving away, waking up early, taking public transportation, dealing with new bosses and assignments. Hmmmm....  why am I applying for internships again?

Anyone in the DC area know of any good education internships?  Possibly focusing on early childhood, education policy, or pediatric neuroscience?  Anyone want to let me hang out at their pediatric neuro-practice this summer?  I'll keep the kids calm while you do all the crazy stuff to their heads. Or perhaps someone would like to give me internship credit for reading lots of education policy information and then writing about it. Now there is something I can do. It's just writing the cover letter to ask to do it that's getting in the way.

And now, with only a few precious hours of winter break left I find myself blogging instead of being productive. What is becoming of me and my work ethic?

Part of me feels I should stay home until I finish my to-do list. I mean, the goal was to finish it before I went back to school, so now how can I return to school if it's not finished?  Perhaps I should give myself a few more days to get it finished.  Yes?  I'm sure my principal will appreciate it.

The real problem is the to-do list. If I'd included items like "spend hours downloading different apps on the ipad", "stay in pjs while gazing at the Christmas tree and reading for fun", "have dance contest with cousins", or "eat more chocolate than I thought possible" then I'd consider it to be a pretty productive break.  Those are the things I've accomplished. But alas, I over-shot the to-do list. And now I don't have the time to worry about the summer internship- now I have to worry about surviving tomorrow with hyped-up five year olds.

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