Monday, January 3, 2011

love is new ways to organize

For Christmas one of my aunts gave everyone in the family an empty tool kit to use as we see fit. Each one of us sat in awe, imagine the possibilities of exactly how we'd use ours.  Mr. Lipstick organized our house hold tools last night. My mom, the second grade teacher, immediately started planning how to use hers for a reading center.  I decided to use mine as my ultimate teaching tool-kit.

I do guided reading in 3 different classes so I use to schlep a bag to each room, digging inside it for the specific materials I need.  Now I have this:

Room inside for my folders and anecdotal note record sheets.

 fabulous side pockets were I can have index cards for making word wall word flash cards and my pack of math ten-grid cards for those on-the-go math games.

Perfect storage for game pieces, reading strategy reminder charts, and sticky notes, all easy to see through the mesh.
The inside has hooks for my sharpie pens that I can't be away from but don't want the kids getting into.


Mary said...

What a fabulous gift idea! I love it!

I hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas. Loved your card!!!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Awesome gift!!!! I may have to appropriate that idea.