Friday, January 14, 2011

ah, Friday

If you have ever read the book "My Mouth is a Volcano" then you have been introduced to my friend Smiles. Just like the character in the book Smiles means really, really well, but he has things he just ABSOLUTELY has to share and even when you remind him that we are absolutely not talking during a read aloud he will still blurt it out because, "BUT..., BUT... BUT..."  fill in with any answer a 5 year old would find absolutely imperative.

Earlier today Smiles blurted out, "But why is Magical still sick? Why doesn't he try some soup?" 

Our hearts melted. Ahh, Smiles. If only soup would work.

This afternoon Smiles was working away when one of the aides walked into the room. He lit up when he saw her and announced, "You are a girl! So you don't have wapwap" 

Reading this now anyone knows what is coming. But we didn't.

Smiles also has difficulty with his articulation, so we frequently need to ask him to repeat himself- which he does by just speaking louder..
"Weapons?" I asked,
"Werewolf?" Partner-in-crime asked.
Smiles shook his head at our ignorance. "NO, WAPWAP"  We were lost.
"What is it Smiles?  Wrestling?"
"NO, you are girls so you don't have it. It goes right here between your legs and pee comes out and when you pee you go..."

Of course. It's Friday. How did we let that one hit us in the face?

"Smiles, that's a part of our body covered by our bathing suit. If it is covered by our bathing suit then we don't talk about it in school,"  and typical Smiles responded with,


Hooray for the 3 day weekend!

*ps. If you do not know the book "My Mouth is a Volcano" and you teach in early elementary then I highly recommend you go find it. It's not the best literature I've ever read, but it gets the point across to those caller-out-ers.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the smile this afternoon....

timstahmer said...

Thanks for the smile... and for reminding me why I taught high school instead of elementary. My students, especially freshmen, would occasionally let loose with observations that were far more inappropriate than Smiles, but they always understood the context.

jwg said...

And what do you suppose his mother calls the female parts? I love some of the euphamisms.(sp?) We had two little girls who explained certain bathroom functions by announcing they had to go "ishy squishy". They are in their late teens by now. I hope they know better.

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

You let your guard down for one second, and that's what happens! :)

Running out to grab the book NOW. I totally have a case of volcano mouth x 3 and can't seem to get it under control. This would be perfect!