Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wedding planning, six year old style

My partner-in-crime, aka, my fabulous co-teacher, is getting married! Her wonderful fiance proposed over our break, and our kindergartners are dying with excitement.

Because I'm a slightly evil teacher and turn everything into an opportunity for learning, I spent the last 2 weeks pulling them into the hall during their free choice time in order to create this:

Our class guide to weddings.

(Our class name is the Magical Bloomers. Magical because that's all kindergarten really is, and Bloomers because we're growing like flowers and we're a little like Leo The Late Bloomer).

So, each child was able to make their own wedding recommendations on their very own page in our bridal magazine. The only catch, of course, was that they had to write about it. In the end this turned into a great opportunity for interactive writing and I was able to assess many of my children's letter/sound correspondence since I don't get to write with them every day. Above all, I gained a new appreciation for 5 year old dream weddings.

Here are some of their suggestions:
Yes, I know the pictures are sideways. I'm sure if I remembered my code from comp sci in college I'd be able to go into the htlm tab in blogger and fix it, but I don't. The thing is, they are not sideways on my camera... or anywhere else, except when they appear on the blog. But that's a battle I'm not fighting tonight.
Please note the white sparkly shoes, the white flowers and the princess cake.
"You need a rainbow" Is that not the best?
I love the little ones who want her in red shoes. They all want her to wear red shoes. This one specifically wants a purple dress as well. And her husband-to-be is eating a banana. They all want them to serve bananas and apples at the wedding. We thought they had listened to those health lessons, but then they also decided pizza should be served as well.
Do you not just love kindergartners? Do I not have the best job in the world?
This afternoon as we read the final magazine as a class we ended up having to clear up a few misconceptions.
#1- the class will not be attending the wedding. They were a tad disappointed, but I think they'll get over it, especially when they learn that pizza will not be on the menu.
#2- Partner-in-Crime and I are not marring each other. One little girl assumed that was what was happening. They do say a good co-teaching relationship is like a marriage, so I can see where she might get this idea. Mr. Future-Partner-In-Crime better come visit soon to clear that one up.


Sneaker Teacher said...

I got married over the summer and at the end of the year I asked my students to draw pictures of what my husband and I would look like on our wedding day. I put them together in a book and he it displayed with the gift table at the wedding. The pictures were so funny! I will always keep those drawings and I am sure your partner will love the gift!

TeachEnEspanol said...

That is simply fantastic! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a compulsive need to turn everything into a lesson. ;)

Unknown said...

Kids can definitely tell. I love their artworks. Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.