Wednesday, April 14, 2010

itchy book love

Today my story teller rushed up to me and exploded with excitement, "MRS LIPSTICK! I wasn't here yesterday, did you read the monkey book without me??"

I had to pause, wondering what on earth he was talking about. The monkey book. Monkeys... book... OH

Just before break I'd taken my story teller into our school book room to help me pick out books for his reading group. This room was clearly his own little piece of heaven, and he relished in looking through book set after book set to select the perfect books for his group. He loves non-fiction, so he selected a series on different types of monkeys. We read one about gorillas before break, and saved one on chimpanzees for our return. I couldn't believe he remembered, especially since I'd forgotten, and I'm the one preparing the lesson plans.

Not only did he remember, but he was clearly preparing himself to be devastated if we'd read the book without him.

I smiled. "No, of course we didn't read it without you!"

"Phew!!" he breathed a sigh of relief. "I couldn't be here because I was itching all over. I had fleas."

And with that he hopped back to the carpet where his teacher was running morning meeting.

The conversations we have in elementary school that require us to keep a straight face- neither laughing or looking shocked and disgusted...

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