Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I love my job

Some holidays can only be celebrated with the full amount of intended excitement in a kindergarten classroom. Valentines days, birthdays, and St. Patricks day are all included in this list.

One of my kindergarten classes has been preparing for St. Patricks day all week, and so needless to say I am very excited for tomorrow. Today, though, they blessed me with birthday love by covering my desk with streamers and a whole class made sign. (ignore my messy desk in the picture- I hadn't been at it much during the day, so a mess quickly formed)

I think kindergartners appreciate birthdays more than anyone else on the planet, whether it is their own birthday, or someone else's. My favorite moments of today were a friend leading me up to the sign they'd written to point out the "B" he'd given me- the B in birthday had been his contribution to the interactive writing lesson. Best gift ever.

Another favorite moment when I had popped into my room to put some things at my desk (didn't even sit down) and immediately heard a steady, monotone voice behind me making a noise similar to the happy birthday song. I turned around and one of my friends with a speech impediment was standing directly behind me, rocking back and forth, looking up at the ceiling with his hands in his pockets, while singing his heart out with the Happy Birthday song- of course, with his speech, it was difficult to hear the words so it could have been a monologue about something else, but I think I caught onto the tune after a bit.

If they made today seem like magic because it was my birthday, I can only imagine the magic and excitement that will come when the leprechauns visit tomorrow...

*sigh* I do love my job.


Sneaker Teacher said...

Happy Birthday!

mary said...

You DO have the absolutely best job ever

Cheeseboy said...

Love the blog! So glad I stumbled upon it.

Am I a bad person or teacher because a leprechaun didn't my first grade classroom and turn desks over, create chaos, etc? I feel so guilty now...

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